High Voltage Awareness - Level 2 - ZEB Edition - CT-eHVA-6000-DE-II

High Voltage Awareness - Level 2 - ZEB Edition - CT-eHVA-6000-DE-II

Course Prerequisites:

High Voltage Awareness - Level 1 - ZEB Edition

High-Voltage Awareness Level 1 training is for all personnel who may be exposed to a high-voltage environment. Zero-Emission Buses (ZEBs) and charging accessories are inherently safe, but electricity presents unseen hazards. Therefore, everyone working on or around high-voltage vehicles and charging equipment must be aware of the electrical hazards.
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Course Description:

High-Voltage Awareness Level 2 training is for mechanics/technicians who are seeking qualification to work on zero-emission vehicles, high-voltage systems, and electric vehicle support equipment (EVSE).

This course covers key concepts critical for electric vehicle safety and functionality. Participants will learn to identify the functions of high-voltage components and differentiate between safety systems in Zero Emission Buses (ZEBs). They will also learn how boundaries protect against electric shock and arc flash and the requirements for safely crossing them. Lastly, the course will teach participants to recognize the ratings of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) and outline procedures and protocols to ensure safety during maintenance.

This course is based on principals from OSHA 1910 and NFPA 70Estandards and guidelines.

In this course, participants will:

  • Recall the functions of critical high-voltage components
  • Explain how electrical energy is converted into mechanical energy for propulsion
  • Distinguish between the various safety systems within a ZEB
  • Analyze the purpose, capabilities, and ratings of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)
  • Differentiate between Restricted, Limited, and Arc Flash boundaries
  • Evaluate the importance of Lockout/Tagout (LOTO) in maintaining electrical safety
  • Describe how to verify the absence of voltage in a de-energized vehicle

Course Benefits: Participants will build on the High-Voltage Awareness Level 1 foundation with critical safety procedures, boundaries, and safety systems that directly impact their jobs.

Compliance: Qualified mechanics/technicians are required to pass this course every 3 years. If significant changes are made to the technology or content, the course will be required sooner than the 3-year mark.

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