CTTC hires CTE to provide management services; Names new Executive Director

November 7, 2023


Long Beach, CA (November 7, 2023) – The California Transit Training Consortium (CTTC) is pleased to announce the hiring of the Center for Transportation and the Environment (CTE) to provide management services in support of CTTC’s training initiatives. With this partnership,  CTE’s Maggie Pears has been named as CTTC’s new Executive Director.

“In support of our Strategic Plan’s effort to strengthen our operations as we expand our services through the entire state of California, the board made a decision to bring on CTE, a non-profit organization dedicated to the advancement of zero-emission technology in the transit industry,” said CTTC Board President, Jannet Malig. “CTEs experience with administering advanced transportation technology projects aligns with CTTC’s goals of delivering advanced transportation technology training based on our award-winning learning model.”

This year, CTTC is developing a five-year educational plan to meet the need for a skilled workforce as the state moves towards a fully zero-emission public transit future, as well as address the technology challenges of training. By collaborating with our colleges statewide, we will be able to align both industries ensuring we educate our transit incumbent workers as well as our future workforce. CTTC will emphasize a statewide standard and sharing of training based on our award-winning learning model to increase the professional and technical competency of the public transit workforce.  

Assuming the role of CTTC’s Executive Director, CTE’s Maggie Pears brings a wealth of diverse qualifications and experiences to the position. At CTE, Pears provides crucial administrative and technical support to zero-emission transportation projects. “I am excited to join CTTC during a time when technology is rapidly changing the transit industry and the demand for new workforce development strategies is greater than ever,” said Pears. “The State of California is leading the nation in building the ZEV industry and the workforce must be prepared to ensure a successful transition. By linking transit with college vocational training, CTTC is poised to bring workforce training solutions to the industry.”


About CTTC:

The California Transit Training Consortium (CTTC) has been a leading provider of technical training for the public transit industry since 2004, when safety and maintenance training for the new advanced alternative fuel technologies in transit buses and infrastructure was in need of a more integrated and intensive training model.  

Founded as the Southern California Regional Transit Training Consortium by transit agency leaders in the Southern California Region, the Consortium is now comprised of 37 public transportation agencies and 19 educational institutions across California, and five private industry partners, all leaders in the advanced technology arena. Through these partnerships, CTTC collaborates to design, develop and deliver cost-effective technical training for the improvement of the transit workforce, increasing efficiency and effectiveness of training while reducing redundancy, and building training capacity through a state-of-the-art learning model. 

Curriculum focuses on safety, operation and maintenance of alternative fuel systems and advanced vehicle technologies being implemented by California transit agencies in alignment with the State’s GHG reduction goals for zero emission heavy-duty fleets by 2045. Additional coursework includes project management, regulatory compliance, and a leadership series for associated industry workforce development. The exceptional execution of this fundamental CTTC mission has been recognized by the California Transit Association (CTA) through their Leadership in Workforce Development Award.

CTTC is a California 501(c)3 non-profit corporation, led by a Board of Directors comprised of partner representatives from public agencies, academia and private industry, all of whom are leaders in their respective fields and committed to ensuring workforce development is robust, accessible and dynamic, adapting to the changing needs of the transportation industry. For more info see SCRTTC.com

About CTE:

The Center for Transportation and the Environment is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization with a mission to improve the health of our climate and communities by bringing people together to develop and commercialize clean, efficient, and sustainable transportation technologies. CTE collaborates with federal, state, and local governments, fleets, and vehicle technology manufacturers to complete our mission. Learn more at www.cte.tv.


Jannet Malig, Board President; 562-712-3816, jmalig@cerritos.edu

Maggie Pears, Executive Director; 310-694-3969, maggie.pears@scrttc.com 

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