Electrical III for Transit - SC-EL-1600-III

Electrical III for Transit - SC-EL-1600-III

Course Prerequisites:

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Course Description:

Prerequisites: Course prerequisites include proficiency in SC-EL-1600-I and SC-EL-1600-II

Course Description: This course is the next in the series of CTTC electrical courses dealing with the complexity of the harness and computer functions in the modern chassis. Upon completion of this course, the student should have an understanding of the interface wiring harnesses and their relationship to electrical components on the bus.

Course Benefits: This course provides knowledge of the complete integrated operation system of the engine, transmission, body controls, and ABS braking systems. Practice using the instrument panel and other communication operating protocols.

Who Should Attend: This course is intended for the supervisor or technician who needs an overview of the operation of vehicle communication networks and diagnostic procedure.

What You Will Learn: An appreciation for the complexity of harness functions in modern chassis, a complete understanding of the interface wiring harness and diagnostic practice on current multiplex systems.

Day 1

  • Review Introduction to Network Communication
  • Basic Multiplexing, Computer Function
  • Sensors and Processing
  • Logic Circuits and Gates
  • Output circuits and Drivers
  • SAE J1587, slow speed communication on electronically managed systems
  • SAE J1708, serial communications hard ware compatibility used in 6 pin Deutsch connectors
  • SAE J1939, current heavy duty data bus that uses CAN 2 architecture used in the 9 pin Deutsch connector on the back bone network.
  • On the Bus Activities-Deutsch Connector Tests, Network Engine Data
  • OBD I  

Day 2

  • Introduction to PLC
  • Allen Bradley
  • Vansco
  • On the Bus Activity- Multiplex Diagnosis
  • Wiring Repair
  • Correct terminal extraction procedures
  • Terminal identification
  • Terminal replacement
  • Micro-Pac, Weather-Pac

Number of Days: 16 Hours over 2 days

Continuing Education Units (CEU): 0

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