CTTC Welcomes New Board Members

August 16, 2023

Long Beach, CA (August 16, 2023) – California Transit Training Consortium (CTTC) is proud to announce seven new Board members that have joined our leadership team. They each bring a unique perspective, decades of professional experience and a passion for the education and training future of our transit industry.

● Rashidi Barnes (CEO of Tri Delta Transit)

● Tony Cohen (HDR Engineering Inc.)

● Pamela Gutman (Regional Director, Advanced Transportation and Logistics, Bay Area at California Community Colleges)

● Eric O’Connor (Assistant Director of Transportation at Santa Monica Big Blue Bus)

● James Scott (Vice President and Executive Director of Maintenance and Infrastructure at

Long Beach Transit)

● Nick Szamet (Transportation Administration Manager at Culver City Transportation)

● Matthew Tucker (CEO of North County Transit District)

“All of us at CTTC are excited to bring on these new board members as we implement our first

of a three year strategic plan for the CTTC” said CTTC Board President, Jannet Malig. “It is

through the talent and experience of our board that CTTC is able to develop and deliver

technical training for the public transit industry since 2004. With these new leaders, we will be

able to evolve into the next phase of training in our industry.”

This year CTTC will be emphasizing statewide growth in order to meet the urgent need for a

coordinated workforce development strategy that enables the transit industry to remain current

with the pace of emerging and continually advancing technologies, as well as the substantial

changes to transit fleets and infrastructure that are needed to meet California’s mandated

climate and zero-emission goals.

Help us welcome our new Board members!


The California Transit Training Consortium (CTTC) has been a leading provider of technical

training for the public transit industry since 2004, when safety and maintenance training for the

new advanced alternative fuel technologies in transit buses and infrastructure was in need of a

more integrated and intensive training model.

Founded as the Southern California Regional Transit Training Consortium by transit agency

leaders in the Southern California Region, the Consortium is now comprised of 34 public

transportation agencies and 17 educational institutions across California, and seven private

industry partners, all leaders in the advanced technology arena. Through these partnerships,

CTTC collaborates to design, develop and deliver cost-effective technical training for the

improvement of the transit workforce, increasing efficiency and effectiveness of training while

reducing redundancy, and building training capacity through a state-of-the-art learning model.

Curriculum focuses on safety, operation and maintenance of alternative fuel systems and

advanced vehicle technologies being implemented by California transit agencies in alignment

with the State’s GHG reduction goals for zero emission heavy-duty fleets by 2045. Additional

coursework includes project management, regulatory compliance, and a leadership series for

associated industry workforce development. The exceptional execution of this fundamental

CTTC mission has been recognized by the California Transit Association (CTA) through their

Leadership in Workforce Development Award.

CTTC is a California 501(c)3 non-profit corporation, led by a Board of Directors comprised of

partner representatives from public agencies, academia and private industry, all of whom are

leaders in their respective fields and committed to ensuring workforce development is robust,

accessible and dynamic, adapting to the changing needs of the transportation industry.


Jannet Malig, Board President

562-712-3816, jmalig@cerritos.edu

Jennifer Carr, Executive Director

310-694-3969, jennifer.carr@scrttc.com

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