Introduction and Troubleshooting Zero Emission Propulsion (ZEPS) SC-ZE-4400-1

Introduction and Troubleshooting Zero Emission Propulsion (ZEPS)

Prerequisites: This class requires technicians to have previous mechanical shop experience, preferably in a bus facility performing maintenance and repair.

Course Description: This 16-hour course will orient participants to bus electrical systems and their safe operation. Participants will learn essential aspects of the high-voltage drive system and low-voltage accessories system, including safety protection, and safe operation. It also includes information about the high-voltage and chassis grounds. The course is instructor-led and presented through classroom, on-vehicle activities, and on-the-job training demonstrations and exercises.

Course Benefits: This course is designed to teach safe working conditions and practices, when servicing buses equipped with the ZEPS system. The students will understand the basic operation of the ZEPS system, its components and basic troubleshooting.

What You Will Learn: By the end of this course the student will be able to:

Day 1

  • Introduction
  • Electrical Safety
  • Vehicle Systems Overview
  • First Responder Training

Day 2

  • Review and Q&A
  • Vehicle Maintenance and Operation
  • Vehicle Maintenance

Number of Hours/Days: 16 Hours over 2 Days

Continuing Education Units (CEU): 0

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