HY2 Hybrid Advanced Familiarization & Operations SC-HY-4010-I

Hybrid Buses Advanced Familiarization & Operations Training

Prerequisites: The students must demonstrate the use of DVOM. The candidates must have completed Introduction to Safety and Basic Familiarization Part 1 (Hybrid Safety Course SC-HY-4000-I) prior to enrolling in this program.

Course Description: This class is designed to reinforce safety and safety practices when working on or around a high voltage transit bus. The technicians will learn about the each Hybrid component in detail and operation. The Elfa 1 and Elfa 2 systems will be detailed and coolant flow diagrams will be introduced and explained. Rooftop system components will be shown and explained in detail. Servicing the UCAP pack and the inspection of the fire apparatus will be performed. The control modules EVCU, DICO, RDU, and the CAN system will be explained. The diagnostic laptop will be connected to the system and test operations performed.

Course Benefits: This course is designed to provide more detail into how the hybrid system components work and interacts with other hybrid components. The Elfa 1 and Elfa 2 cooling systems will be demonstrated and detailed in operation and appearance. The students will be able to connect a laptop computer along with the interfaces for performing service function to various system components.

What You Will Learn:

Day 1

  • Safety Overview
  • Review Part 1
  • Hybrid component detail
  • Hybrid Cooling system details
  • Hybrid Cooling System Flow Charts
  • Can System Layout & Operation
  • Software Introduction

Day 2

  • Rooftop UCAP Fans & Servicing
  • Elfa 1 & Elfa 2 Cooling System Servicing
  • Hybrid System Component Identification & Inspection
  • Laptop Connection & Operation
  • Bus control systems
  • Basic Software Operation

Number of Hours/Days: 16 Hours over 2 Days

Continuing Education Units (CEU): 0

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