HY1 Hybrid Safety & Familiarization SC-HY-4000-I

Introduction to Safety and Basic Familiarization

Prerequisites: This class requires technicians to have previous mechanical shop experience, preferably in a bus facility performing maintenance and repair.

Course Description: This class is designed to educate the technicians on necessary safety practices, personal protective equipment, and procedures when working on a high voltage transit vehicle in a shop environment. The program will identify proper steam cleaning procedures, roof access procedures, and gasoline safety procedures. An overview of the Elfa 1 and Elfa 2 ISE hybrid system will be described and shown, while on the bus. The students will perform voltage tests and measurements with a CAT 111 voltmeter on the bus components to confirm the system is safe to work on.

Course Benefits: This course is designed to teach safe working conditions and practices, when servicing the ISE Gasoline Electric Hybrid system. The students will understand the basic operation of the ISE hybrid system and its components.

What You Will Learn:

Day 1

  • General Safety
  • High Voltage Safety
  • Personal Protection Equipment
  • Roof Access safety and equipment
  • Hybrid Operational Overview
  • Elf1 and Elfa 2 Cooling systems
  • Ultra Capacitor Overview

Day 2

  • Taking Voltage Measurements
  • Identifying Hybrid Components
  • UCAP Fans & Filter Servicing
  • Working on the Hybrid bus rooftop
  • Bus control systems
  • Steam Cleaning Procedures

Number of Hours/Days: 16 Hours over 2 Days

Continuing Education Units (CEU): 0

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