HVAC II – Servicing HVAC Systems for Transit

Prerequisites: HVAC I and a thorough understanding of transit air conditioning components and flow; knowledge of meters and meter testing or equivalent experience.

Course Description: This course is designed to prepare technicians to service the air conditioning systems used on transit vehicles. Instruction will concentrate on safely performing the service procedures needed to maintain these systems. Through the use of demonstration and practice, the course will enable technicians to successfully deal with changing systems and refrigerants. Integrated into the course is a review of components used on transit specific applications. Students will work with the tools and equipment used for transit air conditioning service, such as Micron Gauges, Vacuum Pumps, and Recovery Machines. Safety will be emphasized.

Course Benefits: The benefit of this course is for the technician to be able to safely and correctly perform service and preventative maintenance procedures on transit bus air conditioning systems. Trouble shooting and diagnosis require a thorough understanding of these procedures. Students will gain knowledge about the need for the correct tools and properly functioning equipment for the diverse air conditioning systems. The technician would also be able to safely use the special tools and equipment required for air conditioning service.

What you will learn:

  • How to safely maintain transit air conditioning systems
  • How to successfully deal with changing systems and refrigerants
  • Understanding of components used on transit specific applications
  • Use of Micron Gauges, Vacuum Pumps and Recovery Machines

Number of Hours/Days: 16 hours over 2 days

Continuing Education Units (CEU): 0

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