CNG Transit Vehicle Safety SC-CG-4100-I

CNG Transit Vehicle Safety Training

Prerequisites: None. Some familiarity with CNG coaches encouraged.

Course Description: The class is designed to familiarize technicians with safe practices when working with CNG fueled vehicles. Fuel, pressure systems, and repair safety practices and regulations are covered.

Course Benefits: The benefit of this course is designed to prepare the students to understand the safety aspects of working on a Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) transit coach. This class is a must for new technicians and those who are involved with diagnosis and repair of engine management and fuel delivery systems. Students will learn the proper and safe methods of working with the high pressures involved on these coaches.

What You Will Learn:

  • Basic fuel characteristics regarding flammability
  • Basic fuel characteristics regarding pressure
  • Basic pressure system design
  • Safety related pressure system components
  • Basic cylinder care & damage
  • Proper depressurization techniques
  • Pressure system component servicing
  • High pressure fitting servicing
  • Leak detection techniques

Continuing Education Units (CEU): 0

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