Bradley Carson

Bradley Carson
Chief Operating Officer
Complete Coach Works

Mr. Carson grew up in the transit industry, as his family owns and operates the privately held organization, Complete Coach Works (CCW). While most kids played with Hot Wheels, he preferred toy buses. The joy and excitement of the transit industry he experienced in his youth grew into genuine interest as he got older.

In 2004, Mr. Carson started his tenure as a transit bus mechanic for CCW. Throughout his employment, he has shown exemplary strides toward leadership. His passion and drive have fueled his commitment to success within the company. He has earned himself several leadership positions such as the Facility Maintenance Director and Operations Manager before earning the title as a Sales and Marketing Director.

Mr. Carson has always had a strong work ethic, and continually searches for ways in which to improve himself. Whatever project he undertakes, he does wholeheartedly, whether organizing customer events, furthering his industry knowledge, or working relentlessly to further expand or improve the company. He has become a successful businessman helping create a company dedicated to transportation solutions. He has steadfastly pursued his vision and accomplished amazing feats through sheer perseverance and focus during his employment at CCW.

Brad Carson is a person of vision, determination and rare courage. His dexterous and astute mind is invaluable. His strategic approach has been paramount to the success of CCW and continually finds opportunity to make a real impact on the organization and industry that he loves.

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