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August 31, 2017

Dear Consortium Members, Colleagues and Partners:

As your new chair, it gives me great pleasure to present this years’ annual report for fiscal year 2016/2017 ending
June 30, 2017. The Southern California Regional Transit Consortium (SCRTTC) continue to evolve and I am encouraged
about the year ahead.

Our mission of, “advancing the skills of our transit workforce…preparing for tomorrow”, remains a top priority.
As we continue down our strategic path on workforce development, it will be important to remain focused.
Let’s recap our year in progress and thanks to everyone involved for making our organization
the success it is:

• Delivered 71,404 hours of training life to date.
• Welcomed new members with Santa Barbara MTD, Solano Transit and Sacramento Regional Transit Authority
joining the SCRTTC.

• Immersed Technologies Inc. came aboard as our 4th private industry partner along with CCW, BYD and Proterra.
• The 7th Annual Ditch Golf Classic golf event was successfully held in November 15th 2016 in Berkeley, CA with the
Ditch Education Fund awarding (8) eight scholarships from 24 applications received for a total amount of $10,000.00.

• All our goals were exceeded under LA BOS: training delivery and on budget.
• Partnered with California State University, Long Beach and San Diego Miramar College under a California
Energy Commission contract to deliver distance based courses and workforce development.

• Awarded a contract to assist GTRANS with development of CCW Zero Emissions Propulsion systems
familiarization courseware.

• Welcomed new board members: Alva Carrasco, SACRT and Norm Tuitavuki, MST.

Thanks again to our management company, our members and our volunteers for achieving our annual goals.

Our plans for the upcoming FY 17/18 include the continued expansion of our membership in
transit, education and public and private industry, member survey, more outreach, and updating
our Strategic Plan. I encourage everyone to get their organizations more involved and join a committee.
Our Education Services Committee, Administration and Finance Committee and Government Relations Committee
are important elements to the success of our organization and its future.

Finally, our 8th Annual Ditch Golf Classic Golf event will be held in Corona, CA on November 7th, 2017.
Join us for a great event in conjunction with the annual CTA Fall Conference.

Let’s continue our path of training today for a better tomorrow! I am personally looking forward to being your
Chair and supporting the SCRTTC.


Dr. Thomas O’Brien


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