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The spirit of SCRTTC partnership lies in the intrinsic value of relationships between private industry and public sources of education. This will ensure that future generations of well-trained technicians benefit and sustain the transit industry’s rolling stock and shops.

SCRTTC partnership is an industry-wide investment in the future of transportation technology. Partnership provides critically needed transit training curriculum development and delivery support in the region. There are two primary ways to support the SCRTTC: (1) Financial support so that the coalition can continue its work of bringing together area colleges and transit systems, and (2) In-kind support through donated products and/or services critically needed by the SCRTTC member colleges so that instructors have the aids they need to deliver successful training.

Partnership allows private industry the opportunity to support the SCRTTC while reaping the rewards of a strong association with the SCRTTC.  Depending upon the level of partnership investment, a comprehensive package of benefits and opportunities are provided to assist the partnering organization in achieving its defined objectives.  Furthermore, SCRTTC partnerships are available as single-year or multi-year agreements to meet the short or long-range objectives of partnering organizations.

The following levels of SCRTTC partnership are available for private industry organizations at the $10,000, $5,000 and $3,000 levels:

  • Founding Partner
  • Sustaining Partner
  • Major Partner

If your objective is to align your company or brand to the visionaries and decision makers of the transit/transportation industry while supporting existing and future technology training for thousands of California transit technicians, then the SCRTTC is your perfect partnership opportunity.

For more information about SCRTTC partnership opportunities, please contact:

Executive Director: David Stumpo

(360) 945-2150
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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